Flower Power Supporters & Committeee

Alex Fong
B-line Design
Green & Bear It
Jennifer Schell
Kelowna InstaPrint
Le Vieux Pin Winery
Lee Valley
Meyer Family Vineyards
Nagging Doubt Winery
Nighthawk Vineyards
Okanagan Feast of Fields
Okanagan Grocery
Rick’s Garden World
Sandrine French Pastry & Chocolate
Save-On Foods
Summerhill Pyramid Winery
The Greenery
The Hatch
Valaura Vedan


Heather Doheny, Kerry and Ken Gordon, Shelley Holitzki, Deb Hughes, Gwen Kuipers, Alison Love, Debbie MacMillan, Sue and Phred Martin, Jullie Quiring, Jessica Samuels. Diane and Laurie Serres, Wilma Schellenberger, Debbie Wipp, Leigh-Ann Yanow, and our Flower Power volunteer corps

Ex-Officio:  Suzanne Anderton, Darla Wiebe